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Trick or Treat Halloween

How to keep your kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays of the year! The suspense, the dressing up – the parties! All of it!

But it can be one of the dangerous holidays of the year too. With costumes, naked flames, food, drink and knocking on strangers doors it is very important to keep your little ones safe throughout but still make great memories with them!

With the UK out of lockdown, this Halloween, means trick or treating will be back on the cards and if your children are anything like mine – we will be out for hours! Here is a list of handy tips on how to keep your little ones and not-so-little ones safe on the spookiest evening of the year! 

A Month of Fun with Children: Making Memories on a Budget

What childhood memories do you hold? For me, it was all the times “life happened”. The little things like playing outside, riding my bike, playing at the park, swimming in the lakes, laughing with friends.

None of those moments cost a penny, yet they are some of my most treasured memories as a child. 

Making memories on a budget is very easy to do. Choose any of the ideas below and you’ll have a fun-filled time with your children without breaking the bank!

Putting Money in Piggybank

7 Things To Teach Your Kids About Money

Did you know that many people retire broke? It’s true. After a lifetime of hard work and having earned hundreds of thousands of pounds, they end up with nothing. So where did all their hard-earned cash go? The answer is, it passed right through their fingers. 

30 Kid Party Favors for Pennies

Kids party favors needn’t be costly, just a simple remembrance of the good time guests had at your child’s party. Each of these party favors cost under £1 per guest, some only pennies apiece. Shop dollar stores and discount outlets to stock up on these clever party favorites. Use individually or mix and match, using your party theme as a guide.

10 Tips On Working At Home With Young Children

Working at home can be stressful, especially with small children in the house. Where is the balance between work and home when home IS work? Here are some suggestions to help both you and your kids make the most of each day at the home office.

10 Birthday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Everyone loves a special gift on their birthday: especially our kids! I have put together a list of 10 memorable gifts you can gift your children on their birthday without breaking the bank.

7 Stages of Potty Training

There are seven stages of potty training. They begin with showing signs of potty training readiness and conclude with being able to use the toilet away from home.

5 Best Free Child Games for Your Preschooler

There seems to be more and more pressure on parents these days to enrol their pre school children in all sorts of innovative learning programs. There are music and swimming classes, craft centres and activities to promote movement, motor skills or sporting ability.
Did you know some of the best learning tools for your kids are right at your fingertips, literally!

3 Essential Tips for Successful Camping with Kids

Camping with happy kids is wonderful – camping with miserable kids could convince you to pick a new family hobby. There’s lots of ways to ensure a happy camping experience, but here are my picks for the three most important.

10 Tips for Getting Your Toddler Ready for Preschool

Preschool is a big step in your toddler’s life. Whether your child is used to being at home with you all day, or he’s already used to a daycare environment, the shift to a new routine and new surroundings can be a challenging one. However, with a few small steps and some advance planning, the step into school life can be a positive experience for both of you.

Try these 10 tips to get your toddler ready for preschool:

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