How many times do you have to ask your child to learn at home or do their homework? For me, it’s like a broken record. They would much rather play a game on their games console and put some headphones in, then sit at the kitchen table and complete their times’ tables. 

Did you know that 97% of children have played video games? Learning through online games also has the same effect as learning from a book! 

Why wouldn’t we let our kids play games that are educational if it keeps them motivated and learning at the same time!?

With so many apps for mobile and tablets, plus browser games and games consoles all offering educational games for all different ages, it can be a minefield to decipher which games will be the best for your child. 

Here at Childfree, we have gone through the internet looking for the best educational game websites we could find. See the list below:

A free browser game website with easy navigation through different categories and even a handy search bar at the top, the website has a range of games for all different ages and topics. But as we are talking about educational games, we delve deeper into the educational section. Two top games that we even enjoyed playing as adults are Maths Boy and Zombie Typing. Our best score was Wave 12 on Zombie Typing, can you beat it?

BBC Bitesize

An old favourite, we even played it when I was at school, BBC bitesize. With the ability to play different games through a range of subjects from Maths, English and even science and history. These games are even played in the classroom and recommended by teachers around the UK.


For the younger age group, Cbeebies is a great place to allow your little ones to visit their favourite characters and learn at the same time. From Peter Rabbit to the Teletubbies, start them learning young about numbers, maths and basic English! A firm favourite for anyone with kids from 0-6years. 

PBS Kids

Another take of educational games, PBS kids integrates games with other aspects that children need to learn and best-loved characters such as Arthur and Daniel the Tiger. 

The website allows you to search by character or by topics such as feelings, nature or relationships. 

Of course, this is only a handful of some of the games we have found and loved, but it is a start to get your child learning from home and staying motivated. Maybe there is one or two in here that you can enjoy together. 

Leave a comment below for any other games or websites you and your child enjoy playing!